Ootmahoosewindae came about by raising money for the Macmillan Day care Unit in Oban by publishing a Calendar and allowing visitors to become pine marten Guests. 

The calendars sold out within 3-weeks and we raised a total of £12,155.34.

We are continuing to raise money for local charities by welcoming  visitors to be Pinemarten guests.


After the success of our 2018 Charity Calendar we decided to publish “Another Year in the Wild” Charity calendar to raise money for Martyn’s Monday Club and M.M.C. Ladies group.

Each page was supported by a local business. Without their very generous donations this calendar would not have been  possible. As a result all money raised through the sale of calendars will go directly to MMC and MMC Ladies group to raise suicide awareness and prevention, mental health well-being and challenging the stigma of mental health in our community.

We at Ootmahoosewindae would like to thank all who helped with the production,  selling, to all who purchased our charity calendar, and to those who visited the pinemartens at ootmahoosewindae.

It’s not only good to talk it’s important that we do.

Together we have raised the amazing amount of £15,067.25