What guests have said

We had a wonderfully magical experience in the company of Robert and the pine martens, the highlight of our week in Scotland.

Warmly welcomed by Robert and his little helper, Suri the dog, we settled down in his fantastic garden set up and waited. After being entertained by Robert’s wealth of knowledge (and a few cheeky wood mice!), we were finally greeted by not one, but three different pine martens!

They kept us enthralled for nearly an hour, popping up in various places, with one even coming within a couple of feet of us to check us out.

Thanks to Robert’s advice and professional camera set up, we got some amazing photos, as unlike most wildlife hides there was no glass barrier between us.

We can’t thank Robert enough for the experience and would recommend anyone to pay him a visit and donate to such a worthy cause.

Without doubt you’ll have to put up with us again Robert!

Rhys and Tracey

Without doubt the utmost reliable and exciting location experience to witness one the country’s most elusive and charming mammals.
Sit in comfort as the Pine Martens gather and explore the area only a few feet in front of you, and if you keep still and silent they may even come close enough to sniff your feet !

Robert put in hundreds of hours preparing the site and all funds which are gratefully received go to his excellent worthwhile charity

Chas Moonie

I cannot recommend Robert and his garden set up highly enough. For someone who had previously only had one fleeting glimpse of a pine marten, to see them close up for prolonged periods was an amazing experience.

Robert’s extensive knowledge added to the experience.
For a casual watcher or an experienced wildlife photographer the wildlife and scenery and backdrops are phenomenal and Robert is extremely obliging and will help you get the most out of your visit. A must if you love seeing wildlife close up.

Andrew Robinson

I went to Ootmahoosewindae in the hope of photographing  pine martens. Although I do a lot of wildlife photography, I had never managed to see one of these elusive creatures, let alone take a picture of one. I wasn’t disappointed – I got a marvellous set of images to take home. But while I was there, something else, something wonderful happened.

I have suffered from constant tinnitus for years now. It’s so much a part of the background noise to my day that sometimes I don’t notice it, though for anyone who has ever had this condition, they will know just how debilitating it can be.

But being at peace with nature is magical. In the quiet of waiting; in the breath-taking moment when that little dark head cautiously appears, and in the stillness of watching the marten tentatively emerge, and then coming out to play,  there is nothing to match it. I froze; I was entranced; I held my breath so long that I had to be reminded to breathe. And at some point in the evening, I suddenly realised that my Tinnitus had stopped. For those special hours I experienced a real peace which I had not known for years.

So I would recommend to anyone who is feeling stressed, or run down, or low, or suffering from any kind of negative state of mind, to come and sit at peace with nature, and watch the wild creatures in this very special place. As for me, I can’t wait to go back!

Gordon, Somerset.

Gordon from Somerset

A fantastic trip up to Oban on the trail of Pine Martens.

My main focus was camera trapping at night, and Robert’s place didn’t disappoint!
I had plenty of visits from them through each night I was there. Robert is an all-round nice guy to boot, helping me out an awful lot with setting up the cameras, flashes etc, testing it all out and suggesting other areas to try too.
An extra pair of hands is always welcome! I’ll definitely be back!

Ally Marsh

What a unique and truly wonderful experience. The Pinemarten was the star of the show, coming within just a few feet with completely unobstructed views in a lovely natural setting.

We also had visits from a hedgehog and numerous cute little wood mice. Thank you for the warm welcome and for sharing such a magical place Robert. Our evening will live long in the memory”

Kevin and Pauline Robson

With out doubt the evening spent in Roberts garden exceeded all expectations. I cannot thank Robert enough for his hospitality, insights and assistance.

The Pine Martins although in the denning season paid us a visit and were so close and adorable.

Both of us had an evening to remember,with photographs to share with family and friends. Thank you and we will be visiting again..

Lorraine and Mike Cantrell

Wow!!! Awesome, Amazing – words can’t do justice to the absolutely stunning experience that my daughter Jen and I shared with Oot.

It was an honour and privilege to get up close and personal with 6 different, totally wild Pine Martens! I have been watching wildlife for nearly 50 years and this has to be in my overall top 5, definitely number 1 for mammalian wildlife watching.

Not only listening to new noises I’ve never heard (or even Pine Marten experts haven’t heard), but the interaction between the Pineys themselves, but also that rock hard hedgehog! If you’re interested in wildlife at all, please don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. 

Thanks again Oot.


Paul Finnigan of Finn Falconry

We spent a great night taking photos from a garden in Oban. The main attraction was the Pine Martens with appearances from mice, hedgehogs, owls, huge moths and the sound of splashing fish in the background. ‘ Oot ‘ is extremely friendly and all proceeds are going to a great cause, so if you are in the area, I would highly recommend a visit.

Colin and Olga Heaney

Absolutely brilliant! We had a fantastic night with Oot! Great, casual set-up- perfect spot to wait for the critters.

We were really lucky-several different pine martens, a hedgehog and lots of tiny field mice.

Was really nice to observe them and we got some really good photos too!

​Thanks so much-highly recommend this!

Shane and Nikki Wasik from Basking Shark Scotland

Another trip to Scotland usually over Adnamurchan/Mull way but this one was mainly for basking sharks with a stop off here at ootmahoosewindae enroute!

So pleased I did always love watching pine martens but this experience was different again! Love the set up and how comfortable the Pino’s are in this amazing environment!

​Oot is a brilliant host who has a great passion for the wildlife, he is so lucky to have literally on his doorstep! We headed down to the garden to watch the… Pino’s who were already waiting for us, great to hear the noise they make (I’d never heard before!)! After getting settled it wasn’t long before the Pino’s were back in munching on Oots special mix! Unbelievable views, 

​ I watched 4 different animals with two being there for a long time! Had about a couple of hours with none stop action the only animal that didn’t show up was the hedgehog maybe he’ll pop out next time! Highly recommend anyone to visit especially as it’s for an amazing cause! Thanks again for letting me kip on the drive way hopefully get back up soon mate.

Simon Bound

Deborah and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for allowing us to come into your home and garden, to spend a couple of very privileged hours with you and the Pine Martens. 

We had a truly wonderful and very unique experience and so glad we got in touch.

This is a dream come true for people like us who love wildlife but as you know sometimes the show does not always happen when we want it to! Just to be able to sit quietly and watch  these beautiful animals in their natural habitat (with a bit of added illumination and some  strawberry  jam!) was very special and something we will never forget.

We also loved the tap dancing hedgehog who felt obliged to come and join us and shuffle around for a good half hour before scurrying away.      

Please let us know when we can buy the calendar as we have at least 4 orders already!    

Dorothy & Deborah